Getting Started with WordPress and the Genesis Framework

An Introduction to WordPress #

WordPress is a free, user-friendly content management system that makes website building accessible to everyone. You can download it from the website and install it on your server using the Famous 5-Minute Installation guide. Many popular web hosts also offer automatic installation tools.

Installing and Setting Up Genesis and Your Genesis Child Theme #

Installing Genesis and your child theme is a straightforward process. Go to Appearance > Themes to install Genesis, but don’t activate it yet. Install your child theme on the same screen and then activate it.

Important Note: Activating your child theme won’t instantly make your website resemble the demo site. To achieve the demo appearance, you must follow the instructions provided in your child theme’s setup guide.

Customizing Your Genesis Child Theme #

After setting up your child theme, you may want to customize it to achieve your desired look. Before you begin, review the Theme Customization Basic Skills to understand the coding skills necessary to customize Genesis child themes. Our knowledge base also has various code snippets that can help you customize your theme. You can access them in “Genesis Code Snippets.”

Hire Us and We can Handle Everything for You! #

Need help with your DomainHostingWordPressGenesis, or any of our Genesis Themes? No need to worry! We can help you get everything set up while you sit back and focus on your content and other important parts of your business.

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