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    To add the background color, add this in your CSS –

    .front-page-1 {
    	background-color: #b7e5f8;

    Also, I noticed that your title/logo area is set at the default 360px width, but the actual size of your title is around only 190px width. The size of the header and the rest of the theme is 1200px wide. Since your menu is around 973px wide and the logo area is 360px (which = 1333px) that would make them both too wide to fit within the 1200px width. That’s the reason the menu is dropped off to the next line since they both can’t fit in the space.

    If you change the title/logo area to 190px, both the title and the menu will be able to fit a little bit better on certain browsers. Here’s what it would look like (with the background color added as well) –

    Here is how it looked before –

    So changing that code I mentioned above should fix it.

    Let me know if you get it working.