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    Hi Wes –

    After all we’ve been through on this thread, I really hate to say this – but I think I’m having the same issue as Artist Clara.

    After we changed the featured image setting (Genesis / Theme Settings / Content Archives / Featured Image) I discovered a stray image on my home page. I believe it’s posting to the beginning of the content Front Page Content Section Display. (Under Appearance / Customize / Front Page Content Section Display I have it set to “Show content section” – and even though I’m choosing not to display blog post updates here, I needed the section visible so I could build out the rest of the front page).

    So it turns out that the image displayed was the very first image that was uploaded to the image library. (It’s also one of the images that displays in the testimonial slider, which is the first section in the Front Page Content Section Display). I thought it might have something to do with an image setting, so I deleted out the image. After that, the old image was immediately replaced by the next image in the library.

    And, of course, the stray image disappears as soon as I turn off the featured image setting. I’ve left it displaying on the website now (

    -sigh- Has to be something straightforward that we’re overlooking here, just not sure where to start digging.

    If you would be willing to take one more look at this, I would really appreciate it. Thanks as always for the great help!