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    It looks like WordPress tried to update this Ambition theme with another Theme that is also called Ambition. I logged in to the FTP and added the Ambition theme to the Themes folder and renamed the other theme that’s not supposed to be there so it becomes inactive.

    It should be back to normal now.

    This isn’t your fault. The reason this happened is because you probably got an update notification in your WP Admin for Ambition, and when you clicked update, WordPress downloaded and installed another theme with the same name (from their repository). This issue has been going on for a while now and it’s happened to many other developers/users as well –

    Genesis Child themes usually don’t have Automatic Update Notifications, but the Genesis Framework does. If you see a notification pop up for a child theme, check with me or the developer of the theme you’re using first to make sure.

    After adding the correct theme back in, I added this to the functions file –

     * Ambition Theme.
     * This file adds functions to the Ambition Theme.
     * @package Ambition Theme
     * @author  Appfinite
     * @license GPL-2.0-or-later
     * @link

    I’m not sure if that will prevent it from happening in the future, but we’ll see. I may just need to rename the theme so it has a unique name.

    I haven’t logged into WordPress yet. I did everything through FTP.

    Let me know if everything is working again.