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    First off, Awesome Job on the design! Looks very good.

    (The link you posted didn’t work, so I made a couple guesses until I figured out what it was – )

    For the homepage, the code is designed to show the Blog and the Widgets together if that part of the theme is activated. It’s been a few years since I created this feature in the theme and I can’t remember if there is a quick way to do what you’ve mentioned. I’m sure it exists, but it might take a while to come up with the code for something like that.

    The only quick option that I can think of is to simply hide those widgets from displaying when the site is being viewed on any of those pages (other than the Home page).

    Here is what you can add to your CSS to hide it.

    .home.paged .front-page-1,
    .home.paged .front-page-2,
    .home.paged .front-page-3,
    .home.paged .front-page-4,
    .home.paged .home-mid,
    .home.paged .home-mid-wide {
        display: none;

    I would also experiment with adding something like this if the Blog Title shows up behind the logo/header area –

    .front-page .site-container .site-inner {
        margin-top: 80px;

    Sometime in the future, the Aspire Theme will be fully upgraded to use Gutenberg for the Homepage just like my newer themes. This will be much better in every way.