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    There appears to be some type of issue with the auto install for the demo on this server, but I can get it working just fine on a local install and even 2 other hosts including the demo site itself.

    So instead of using that I just went ahead and manually installed the few plugins that were needed. Installing everything manually is still fast, if you ever run into this issue in the future.

    I also installed a plug-in called “Oasis Collections” (included with the theme). This plugin is what will allow you to recreate the home page demo in one click. You can either setup an entire page of the homepage demo or you can add each section individually. You can access this through the “Layouts” block.

    There is a new version of this theme that will be released very soon. If you’re familiar with Full Site Editor/Gutenberg Block themes, that’s what I have coming next. It won’t require the Genesis Framework and all of the demo content will be added in using Block Patterns. This will make things even easier.

    If you’re interested in the FSE Block theme version of this theme then let me know. I should have it ready and available in a couple days.

    This is the direction that WP Engine and StudioPress are heading towards so it would definitely be something to consider for the future.