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    Hi Kelly,

    Unfortunately that’s an old version of the theme that doesn’t work with PHP8. We made a completely new version that works with Gutenberg and all of the latest WP features.

    You can purchase the new version/upgrade here – which comes with versions 2.0 and 3.0. We have the Block Theme version (3.0) that is a Full Site Editor and doesn’t require Genesis. It works just like the latest WordPress Block themes.

    Or you can upgrade to the 2.0 version that still works with Genesis. Both versions no longer use Front Page Widgets and are Block based now to keep up with latest WP standards.

    Both 2.0 and 3.0 are included together in the same purchase.

    The other option is to keep using this version (assuming you’ve made a lot of customizations that you want to keep), and either I or another developer would have to go through each of the files to replace any code that won’t work with PHP8, and replace it with code that does. If you’re interested in hiring me to do this just let me know. I’ve helped clients do this recently and for some I’ve just upgraded them to the new theme. Either way should work.