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    I’m not sure if your code works or not because the code doesn’t show up correctly here in the forum when you post it in this way. You have to highlight your code and wrap it by hitting the “code” button in the content editor. Either that or you could add it to a site like pastebin or github, then paste the link here so everything shows up correctly and can be tested. The apostrophes and a few other things are what’s showing up wrong when you paste it in the regular content area. So try one of those solutions above for the future.

    If your code isn’t working, try starting from scratch by using a tutorial. Here is one you could start with – …there are many more out there that you could find by doing a Google Search. That should definitely get it working, and then all you would have to do is style it in your css. If it’s still not working after you try that let me know.

    Also, post a link so we can see what’s happening on the frontend.

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