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    @BMECOM This is a community forum. If you go back to StudioPress, you’ll still be posting on a COMMUNITY FORUM 😉 Their policy will be to send you back here for help. Just giving you a heads up. Keep in mind, we are all volunteers here, and we’re all trying to help you, but nobody is required to.

    If you look at all the posts on here where others have asked how to setup the demo, you’ll see where someone links them to that specific page. As a matter of fact, that same page is also linked to in your Read Me file. Have you seen that yet?

    Even though I’ve already linked to it, I’ll post it here anyways –

    Epik Widget Location Guide –

    Home Feature 1 and 2 code –

    Welcome Widget Code for the Epik theme –

    How to Change Skin/Colors –

    How to Add Left and Right Content for the Epik Theme Widgets –

    How to add the “Pricing Plans” Code –

    ^ That is EXACTLY how to create and setup the frontpage just like the demo. Doesn’t get any easier than that.

    Again, everyone is here to help you, to assist you, and point you in the right direction….but please don’t expect for someone to hold your hand for everything. This still requires you to do some of the work too.

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