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    I’m just catching up since I was out for the holidays and there was a lot to read here which sort of made things a little confusing. Are you having different issues other than the original request? If so, you’ll need to create a separate topic/thread. This makes it easy on us so we can properly manage and organize threads without them piling up with too much content or off topic issues. (Wes mentioned this in the rules if you haven’t seen it already –

    I took a quick look at your site and it looks like you got everything working fine (unless I’m missing something). If you need to change the background color of the “head-wrap” code I gave you earlier, you can find the hex code (color) at a site like this – (6 digit letters/numbers at the top).

    If you’re original issue has been solved I’ll go ahead and close this thread and we can take of your other issues on a separate thread.


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