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    Do you have a link that I can take a look at to see what the issue may be?

    If you purchased in the very beginning there were a couple css issues with the menus that I immediately fixed and updated in the theme.

    If you wanted to, you could just copy the style sheet of the demo directly and add it to your style sheet and see if that fixes the problem. –

    Also, the reason your account doesn’t show the Optimal theme is because the StudioPress accounts aren’t associated with Appfinite, we’re 2 separate sites. So if you purchased from StudioPress you would visit their forum for support, and if you purchased from this site then you would use our forum. I’m the one that handles the support on both sites either way, so you wouldn’t miss out on anything if you purchased from here or SP.

    Since you already purchased another theme from this site, it enables you to use any part of the forum, so you can use this forum or the StudioPress forum if you wanted to.