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    If you change the number it will change positions, but you have to keep in mind that you have other sections that are set to show “after the header”.  The slider and welcome area are grouped together, so you will either have to split them, or simply add the widget code in between them in the same way that they are created.

    This process is more difficult than it should be, you could just copy and rename the slider or the welcome widget code in the home.php and it will work.  You don’t have to use the code you pasted above, just simply create a new widget like you’ve done before in the other areas of your site.

    Also, when posting code here in the forums click the html tab first, add your code, then highlight your code and click the “code” tab in the editor…..otherwise your code won’t show up right and each comma and apostrophe gets thrown off.  I had to replace each one to get it to show up right when testing your code.