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    It looks like the message section and the bottom widgets are all under the same div called “home-bottom”. First you’ll want to separate them into 2 different div containers so they don’t effect each other. Take a look at your home.php file and make the changes from there. You will probably have to create an extra div or two.

    The way you would set up the “message” section is to have the outer div first, (which would be the white background) then the second div which would be the inner part (the text). The second div should have “margin: 0 auto;” and “width: 960px;” to make it centered inside the outer div (1st div/white background).

    You would of course make these changes in your home.php file. Make sure and take a look at what is already there like the echo '<div class="home-bottom">'; – (open tag) and echo '</div><!-- end #home-bottom -->'; (close tag) and reference these for an example on how its done.

    Try and use the link you were sent to your email to re-download the theme. If that doesn’t work, I’ll have to send it to you.