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    Hello Wes,

    I need to understand this advice so please bear with me. I rarely use ftp, so if I use filezilla “and look into the folders where my theme is located and delete or overwrite the functions.php file with one that doesn’t have the error.” am I looking into the File Manager in the cPanel at my Host? And if so, will I be able to locate the functions.php? If not cPanel, then where am I looking? I don’t understand how filezilla allows me to see the info you’re suggesting I look at & change….but I’m willing to go if I can.

    You say you always edit from FTP, does that mean you edit up on the Host Server files using the File Manager? BTW, my cPanel shows a File Manager and also a Legacy File Manager. Sound right to You?

    A little guidance thru this and I’ll be on my way.

    Thanx Wes,