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    Thanx Wes, 
    I’m off to to the Host and I’ll update you later.

    …and I’ve just returned…SUCCESS!!! I HAVE A SITE AGAIN WES…..YEA!

    I could access & edit in the cPanel so I deleted the block of code on the cPanel. You’re ‘the Man’ Wes!

    OK now I’m gonna try that code once again, and to be sure, I just want to be sure of the correct placement in the .php code list. Should enter it directly after the 1st < ?php at the very top of the page or after ‘Start the engine’ and ‘Child theme’? just want to be certain…

    Hopefully I’m not going to bother you again with this today.

    Thanx for your attention and guidance,
    Tom in a very grey, chilly Tokyo