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      Hi There,

      I’ve dug around in the forum the past couple of days, but am having a tough time coming up with any info on my questions. I also checked StudioPress.

      Code Skill: Below-average CSS and HTML
      Framework: Genesis 2.0
      Theme: Epik
      website: http://www.andylykens.com/blog

      I need to do two things:

      1) My website homepage for some reason does not come up on mobile devices. It simply jumps to my blog page. I went into my CSS and removed all of the custom code that had ‘px’ parameters for widths (and changed necessary ones to percentages), but still no dice. I’m wondering if I need to insert code somewhere?

      2) I would like to remove or hide the header & nav on my homepage (andylykens.com/blog), but can’t seem to do it. I tried a simple line of CSS which didn’t work, and don’t know anything about PHP. Is there a simple way to do this in the WordPress interface? If this is a code-only solution, can you perhaps tell me what to code, and where to put it?

      Thank you!



        Hello, I’d be happy to help. (Since you’re new here) In the future please create separate individual threads for each question/issue. We have a one question per thread policy – https://appfinite.com/topic/forum-rules/ so it’s more organized and much easier when other users search for similar issues.

        We’ll start with the first one here –

        I checked your site but it seems to be responsive on my end. Did you already get this working?

        Please create a separate thread for the other question/issue.


        I create awesome sites for awesome people! Contact me if interested – ericsanchez1585@gmail.com

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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