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      After testing the theme on a demo site I noticed it has no numbers in the ordered lists eg:

      1. adasd
      2. dfsdf
      3. dsfsdf

      Is there anyway to add them in the stylesheet?

      I also had a couple of questions regarding Dashicons and FontAwesome. I see they are enqueue’d in the functions. I presume Dashicons is for the menu icon for the responsive display. My current theme has a menu icon ( but doesn’t load dashicons.

      What would happen if I removed dashicon…what dependencies does it have in the theme apart from the menu icon?
      And is there anyway to have a mobile menu icon without having to load wordpress’s dashicons?

      I had the same question for font awesome, is it just for the social media buttons in the footer? As I already have a social profiles plugin loading on my website.

      Much gratitude.



        To add numbers, take a look around line 1632 in your style.css and remove/edit this line –

        .content ol > li {
        	list-style-type: none;

        If you’re already using Dashicons/Font Awesome using a plugin then you can remove them from the theme, it’s not needed in order for the Theme to function normally.

        Let me know if that helps.


          Yep, that solved the problem of the ordered lists. Thanks for all that, you’re a legend!

          I’ll let you know what happens when I remove the Dash and Font Awesome.


            You’re Welcome!

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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