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      I’m using the download-monitor plugin and its author suggests putting the following code in the page.php file to add category headers to downloads. Obviously this presents a problem as Genesis doesn’t use page.php the same way as other themes. Can you guide me in how I might implement this functionality without breaking Genesis/Epik?

      $terms = get_terms(‘dlm_download_category’);
      foreach( $terms as $term ){
      echo “<h2>”.$term->name.”</h2>”;
      $slug = $term->slug;
      echo do_shortcode( “[downloads category=’$slug’]” );

      Thank you!


        Is there a way to turn this into a function? I’ve tried, but my coding ability is limited… Thanks in advance.

        Jason M

          I don’t think too many people here are familiar with that plugin. Since Genesis is popular, have you tried contacting the Plugin developer to see if they know how to add their code in Genesis? That would be the best thing to do since it is their plugin, I don’t want to give you the wrong advice by mistake.

          If I come across a way to do it I’ll make sure and post it here.


            I have contacted the plugin developer, they said they are not familiar with Genesis. Where would code that normally goes in the page.php file go in a genesis theme??


              Perhaps they mean Home Page Template, “page_home.php”?

              Epik has “home.php” as well.

              Genesis has “header.php” and “page.php”. I WOULD NOT edit the Genesis core files. The Epik is a “child theme”.

              I am unfamiliar with that plugin. But perhaps it should go into the Epik “FUNCTIONS.PHP” file.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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