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      I’m about to switch my current site’s theme to Epik. Can’t wait!
      I’ve got hundreds of posts all nicely SEO’d and highly-ranked in the Goog, so I really don’t want to mess with my url’s. I would like to avoid writing a bunch of redirects. So here’s my question.

      My current url’s look like … I’d like to keep this structure, but I’d like to change the navigation and the user experience.

      Said simply, I want to create sub-home pages … essentially these would be category pages with widgets. OK, so here are my questions:

      1) Can you recommend the best way for me to create a widgetized category template that I can use as ‘daughter’ homepages?
      2) Assuming I’m successful in doing this, I believe my site hierarchy will remain unchanged: home->category->posts. Am I right?
      3) I am going to need a Theme location to hold a custom menu for each daughter homepage. Can I create the theme location for the custom menu item within the custom template? I expect I’ll need to make multiple custom templates so taht each Theme location would be unique. Is that correct?
      4) Regarding menus / nav … I’m wondering if it would be easier/smarter for me to just get a menu plugin, so that I can assign a menu to a specific (category) page. Your thoughts?
      5) Do you see any problem if I use a menu plugin like ubermenu?

      Thanks a lot!



        I would just do a google search on how to create a category template with Genesis….it would probably be too difficult to explain here in the forums.

        Yes you can use the Ubermenu with Genesis, I’m currently using it myself and it works great.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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