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      Hi Eric — hey would you please copy from style.css and paste here in the forum the style for the following:
      * a regular blogpost displayed by the_loop
      * a style for any two-column widget
      * a style for any narrow (one-column) widget

      I’m having a little bit of doubt, so a quick copy/paste would be incredibly helpful. If you’d rather point me to some classes or id’s in style.css, that’ll work.


        You know you can find all of these by looking in your theme’s style.css file, right?

        All of the css Classes/ID’s are labeled by section, so you can take a look at the top to find what you need.


          Hi kronos – oh yes, and you make a very good point.
          Perhaps I should have phrased my question a little differently.

          I’m just about finished with a custom template. But the details of the style.css are confusing.
          I’m unclear which section, within section 4 of the CSS, should I be looking at to guide me for the following:

          a two-column widget area
          a one-column widget area

          I could be looking at section 04d, or possibly elements within sections 7 through 10. I don’t understand the purpose of bg-alt within widgets.

          To sidestep all this, I was looking for Eric or Wes to simply point me to a specific area within the css, ideally by line reference, so that I can just ‘copy & edit’ the css.

          The item that comes closest to this would be a regular blogpost, style for a two-column and style for a one-column widget.

          So rather than going into a lot of detail about my question, I ‘jumped ahead’ and just asked the ‘copypaste’ version.

          So that’s the background and purpose … if I should be doing this on my own and not asking in this forum, just let me know.


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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