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      Thanks in advance for any insight you can share with this issue. I’ve never really had any issues with .css being inconsistent between browsers, at least not to this degree. Look at


      Please view it in firefox (mac) first if you will, because that’s what i’m really going for. If you then view it in chrome and safari, you’ll see some big problems with the header displaying. The logo doesn’t show, and it’s basically a mess. My main goal was to minimize the height of the header area so the user wouldn’t have to scroll down so far. But Iguess I’m not sure how this .css works.

      When I made all my alts to the .css, I really had to mess around with it to get it to work.

      If you can provide me with any thoughts as to how to proceed in remedying this, I would sure appreciate it.



        When I take a look at your site, it looks the exact same in every browser. Here is what I see – http://i.imgur.com/APBYtSe.jpg

        I checked in Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera and they are all showing up consistently. Did you already get this fixed, or are you seeing something different than what I am?

        Your site is looking pretty good by the way. I like it! If you’re interested, make sure and add your site to the showcase when you’re done – https://appfinite.com/showcase-your-site/



          Thanks so much for responding, but I think I figured it out, obviously. For what the client wanted, I had it all messed up and really had to go back and start from scratch, and model my code against your original code. Kind of hard to explain, but I’ll try….I wanted to use the header right to display my navigation, but when killed the primary navigation from the menus, and inserted it into the header right widget, the primary nav would still display on the inside pages, in both Safari and Chrome. Firefox worked perfectly.

          I finally created a new menu, inserted it in the header right widget, and all was good with all browsers. That make any sense?

          Anyway, this was the second site I used your theme, and now think I get how your .css works. It always like that for me when I customize a new theme.

          BTW, I’ll be starting a pretty big project for a client who wants this kind of theme, but wants all the inside pages to be custom and different form one another. Do you offer your services to help with a project like that? Custom templates is just not something I do. I pretty much stick to .css and I’m a little inept at that sometimes.

          If you’re interested, I’d like to speak on the phone, and possibly know what your rates are.

          Let me know, and thanks!


            I can possibly help depending when it is, and what all needs to be done. Although I am a little backed up at the moment, so I’m not sure when I’ll be available next.

            Whenever you figure out when you’ll be starting on it just contact me here in advance – https://appfinite.com/contact-us and we can discuss further.

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