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      Hi Eric,

      Thank you for your help with my previous questions for the website:

      I surely hope you can help me out with this one. Life sure got easier with the Genesis Extender Plugin and I hope you can help me use that tool to the fullest I need to complete this website for my wife.

      Initially, she wanted the navigation menu in the header with small vertical lines separating the menu items. I gave it a try by using borders, but it seems that I can’t control the borders of an individual menu item. In stead, all settings or customizations will apply for all menu items simultaneously. So I ended up with a border on the right end of every menu item and I noticed two things:

      1. the border was very near to the text of the next menu item because the text in the menu items is aligned to the left
      2. the last menu item also had a border to the right of it, which isn’t how it should like, because we only want the vertical lines in between two menu items

      I tried to play around with it while it was set as the primary navigation to have a better view and get a better understanding. Right now, I added a margin on the left side of the menu items of 20px so that it looks like the text in the menu items is aligned in the center. But I’ve still got two problems:

      1. I can’t have the margin smaller than 20px because the vertical line wouldn’t be exactly in the middle between the menu items
      2. the border of the last menu item shouldn’t be there because I only need the vertical lines between two menu items

      My apologies if the explanation of my help request is a bit too extensive. And I hope you can help me fix this.

      Thank you in advance!



    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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