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      Wes, I think your demo site looks really good, in fact I purchased the theme and started working on it but I can’t seem to get it figured out. I assumed that by purchasing the demo, I would be able to upload the theme and adjust a few setting but that is not the case. Here are the problems I am running into
      1. menu location not like demo
      2. slider image is your demo image and it is getting cut off
      3. portfolio shows the featured image but when I add image inside the post, it duplicates it on the portfolio page.
      3. portfolio page jumbles up all the posts to the point that the first row has 3, the second row has 1, third row has 3, fourth row has 1
      4. After making adjustments, I refresh front end and it does not change. I need to activate and deactivate plugins every time I make a change. Just deactivating them does not help. It is something to do with cached page I think.

      any help you can give would help. my test site is everythingoutdoors .us


        Hello Brian, Welcome to the forums!

        I’d be happy to help you out, but you’ll need to create separate threads for each question/issue. They have a “One question per thread policy” to keep everything organized here in the forums – https://appfinite.com/topic/forum-rules/. This makes it easy for others who search for similar questions in the forum. So please create a separate thread for any other questions you have and we can get right to it.

        If you take a look in your Read Me file you’ll see that the documentation/tutorials and code snippets can be found at the top of the Epik forum – https://appfinite.com/forum/epik-theme-support/ They are the highlighted (yellow) sticky posts at the very top of the forum. That is exactly how you can setup the homepage to look just like the demo, if that’s what you want. This theme, and all Genesis themes work by adding content inside of the Home widgets, and then the homepage is activated. You’re not limited to the theme looking exactly like the demo, you can add whatever content you want in its place.

        For the menu, you would need to add the custom menu widget inside of the Header Right widget area….you won’t need to use the Primary menu, so you can deactivate that if you need to.

        You probably haven’t seen the portfolio settings at the bottom of the Genesis Theme Settings page. If you look there and add a setting you’ll only see Featured Images rather than posts.

        Most of these issues can be found from the link I posted above, or you can use the search field on the main forum page – https://appfinite.com/forums

        If you have any other questions please feel free to create separate topics.

        Hope this helps

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      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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