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      Epik is still quite Epik…

      Bu the problem i am having is that i am trying to import the demo content and widget and have failed epikally 4 times now – i think this worked in the past so i am a little surprised it isnt now… I have a number of potential clients lined up that i want to provide a working version of the demo and its back end to so they can decide if its for them…

      I used the xml file and wie file and it only brought some of the content in… Any thoughts about what i am doing wrong? I can send a u/p if needed…




        Which part isn’t uploading right? I looked at your link and I can see some things added to the front page, but I don’t see the menu (which means I can’t your other pages).

        Are you just referring to the content on the Homepage not being imported or something else?

        Also, I noticed the Plugin author just had an update for the Widget Importer plugin not too long ago – https://github.com/churchthemes/widget-importer-exporter/releases ….not sure if that would fix your issue or not but something to keep in mind if you’re not already using the latest version.


          I just redid an import with the new imported and a couple failed.

          I actually cannot remember specifically what it was I wanted when I made this post – I should have elaborated just to be able to remind myself… Durr…

          AH! I think my client wanted me to illustrate how the widgets are deactivate at will…

          I am getting closer but it seems there is custom css mission for the widgets.


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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