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      Welcome to the Community Support Forums.

      The forums are a free resource available to anyone who purchases a product from our site. If you come across any issues with your theme and need support, this is the place to start. If your issue is caused by an external source, such as a plugin, or custom code, then we may recommend you contact the original author/developer of that plugin or code.

      If you make a request that goes beyond the scope of support, (custom modifications, creating custom code, etc) then we will point you to a tutorial or an external link if one is available. 聽We may also recommend that you hire a developer to assist you since creating custom code takes quite a bit of time and effort to do.

      While we can’t guarantee that all of your questions will be answered with a 100% solution, Appfinite and the Community will certainly do their best to help resolve your theme issues.


      Here are a few rules that you will need to follow in order to use the forum.

      Rule #1
      Please only post the issues that are caused by the theme you are using. If you are having issues with an external source that was not created by us (like a Plugin for example), then you will need to contact the Plugin author/developer or whoever created the code that is causing the issue.

      There are thousands of plugins/code available, and we are unable to offer solutions for each and every plugin/code. This is why we recommend contacting the developer that originally created the plugin/code so you can get the proper solution.

      In some cases we can help provide a solution if it is a plugin or a piece of code that we are familiar with, but you should always contact the author/developer first.

      Rule #2
      Please be patient. After you create a thread, please give the volunteer helping you enough time to respond. Everyone will do their best to respond to your posts as soon as they can. A response can take up to 24 hours, or possibly longer depending on the amount of previous unanswered threads, and/or the schedule of the person who is helping you answer the question.

      Rule #3
      Please be aware that customization requests that go beyond the scope of support should be handled by hiring a developer. Some customizations require extra time and effort to write the code, which means you will need to hire someone to do this for you. This forum is primarily focused on assisting users with theme issues/bugs.

      We recommend you hire a developer from Appfinite, or you can search for outside developers if you prefer. Other than that, the best we can do is point you in the direction of a tutorial, or an external link if one is available.

      Rule #4
      Please keep it short and simple 馃檪
      Please be considerate of each others time when asking your question, by doing so will ensure a faster response. We ask that you do your best to give the specific details of your issue, but make sure it is straight to the point. It is not necessary to create long posts, especially with off topic information. Most people skip over posts that are too long or that go way off topic. Please keep it short and simple as much as possible as this would help everyone help you.

      Rule #5
      Please do not ask multiple questions in the same post. We have a “One question per thread policy“. This rule helps keep the forum organized by thread/topic. Posts with multiple questions/answers make it difficult for others searching for a similar question. Please help keep this forum clean 馃檪

      Rule #6
      Please do not create duplicate threads with the same topic. Please be patient while waiting on a response. 聽Creating duplicate threads/topics will only result in the thread being closed/deleted.

      Rule #7
      Do not bump posts. Bumping a post to “the top” does not help your topic get noticed. The volunteers who try to answer questions look for those without replies first. If you bump a post, then it disappears from the “No Replies” view. DO NOT BUMP. It’s annoying to some people. If no one replies, either the person helping you does not know the answer to your question, or they haven’t had the time to get back with you. Moderators will delete bumps they find.

      Rule #8
      No Spam. Any sign of spam will result in your account being banned.

      Rule #9
      Always have a Positive attitude. Be nice and respectful to everyone. If you treat any of the members here with disrespect you will be BANNED from accessing this forum and site. We do not tolerate rude behavior whatsoever. If you want help from volunteers, treat them right and they will be willing to answer your questions. Remember, some of the people responding to your questions do not work for Appfinite, and they are not paid to answer your questions. Everyone has to take free time out of their day to help each other out, so please be mindful of this, and respect each other and their time.

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