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      Hi Wes!

      I would like to remove two pages from my auto-generated sitemap.

      Is that possible?

      If you enter a URL that brings up a 404, such as:


      You will see two pages in there that I wish were not visible.

      One is called Earlybird Registration, the other is Thank You for Pre-Registering.

      These pages cannot be Private, or Drafts, they have to be public, but I don’t want anyone seeing them in this sitemap.

      Any ideas?

      I also would love to hide my name in the Authors area (Authors: Erin Muck), because this site is for an organization, and shouldn’t show me.

      Thank you for any advice, I super appreciate it! : )


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          Brilliant! That is exactly what I needed to hide just those pages. Ahhh, so much better.

          As far as a custom template to hide the Author: Erin Muck, should I do some research on that…? I’m not totally sure how to begin.

          Thanks again Wes!


            Yeah you would basically create a custom 404 template so it will be used instead of the default page. There should be tutorials out there that already have everything done, all you would need to do is remove the Author shortcode.

            Here is an example – https://wpsites.net/web-design/add-content-404-page-genesis/

            This explains how to set up your own template. Once you add this to your Theme folder, it automatically overrides the default 404 page that comes with Genesis, which means you can add or remove certain parts from the page and have total control of what’s displayed.

            This is a 404 page right?


              Yes, it is! Thanks so much for the advice and the link to the tutorial. I will tackle this when I’ve got time – it’s a wee bit intimidating! But I’ll give it a whirl. Thanks so much for your help!


                No problem 馃檪

                I can help if you need any assistance. Just let me know

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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