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      My next question has to do with the Home Feature section.  Basically, I want it to feature pages (like it is intended), and I want them sized/positioned exactly as found on the demo – which is where I’m running into trouble.

      When I was just dropping two “feature pages” into each feature widget area, everything seemed to come through much larger than on the demo.  I came up with a little way around it to make it *look* the way I wanted, but it is admittedly a bit clunky and I was wondering if there is an easier/better way.   I’m sure I’m just missing something super obvious.

      If you go to the site (temp.honeyhivefarms.com/wp/) you will be able to see the comparison of what I am trying to describe.  The left feature 1 is the standard method of two feature page widgets in the feature section.  The right feature 2 is my crazy method to try and make it look the way I would like.

      Not sure if this matters or not, but if it does, my clunky method was to create a separate page for each of the two feature sections.  Then each of those pages include the previews for the two pages I want in that feature column, as I want them to appear, with links to the pages they represent.  Then into each feature section, I added a single “feature page” widget, selected the corresponding “preview” page I created, and had it show all content.  Like I said, clunky, but it works.

      What would you suggest?


        The home feature section isn’t using Featured Pages in  the demo, that is actually custom html code that he added inside a text widget.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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