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    Tansey L

      I’m trying to set up my site and I imported the wie. File that you linked to in a previous post https://www.dropbox.com/s/aq0sdaz47fy3clt/demo.appfinite.net-ambition-widgets.wie?dl=0
      And my homepage font and design looks completely different from the demo. Please help.
      How do I get my homepage widgets to show the exact same setup as your current demo? And how do I get the font to display the same as well? Thank you.


        Hi Tansey,

        Since you’re using the new version of the theme, you can set up the demo by hovering over the “Genesis” Tab and click the “Child Theme Setup” link in the Admin Side menu.

        Then all you would need to do is click the “Install Pack” and it will automatically set everything up for you.

        Let me know if this works.

        Tansey L

          I hovered over the ‘Genesis’ tab on the left side of the wordpress backend dashboard. Is that where you meant? If so, the only options I’m given are;
          – Theme Settings
          -Simple Share
          -SEO Settings
          -Genesis Plug-ins
          -Slider Settings

          Please see my screenshot of my dashboard https://ibb.co/Jqz51GR

          What am I missing?

          Tansey L

            I deleted the genesis framework and child theme and started over again.
            When I uploaded them again, I was able to see the “Child Theme Setup” menu. What may have happened is that I may have had the old ambition theme installed.
            My remaining question is how to set up my blog page because I do not see it in this new theme setup. Thank you.

            Tansey L

              I figured out the blog as well. Thanks

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