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      Hello –

      For some reason, since update the Epik theme – the widgets & their content, along with the Homepage slider (ising LayerSlider set in Slider (not WideSlider) – are not showing.


      Any input is greatly appreciated! (Maybe it’s right under my nose & still can’t figure it out.)

      I’ve also run “Regenerate Thumbnails”, btw.

      Thanks very much!


        Did you change the Home page link in your “Reading” page? (Settings > Reading) If so, check this out – https://appfinite.com/tutorials/how-to-setup-the-home-and-blog-page/ ….if not, then we’ll have to see what else it could be.

        How exactly did you update?

        Just trying to figure out what it could be…


          Hi Wes –

          Thanks for responding – I just read your tutorial post about the “Reading” page & set it back to “Your latest posts” & now the Layer Slider seems to be displaying.

          What is kinda weird is that when I first set up the site with Epik back in May – out of habit with Genesis I had created a “HOME” page & set it up in the menue – and it had been working just fine.

          But now there seem to bee some other funky things going on….

          – Slides have a white border now – not sure if this is in the layerslider or a function of Epik – (if so how do I remove?

          – Widgets are now there – but what is wierd is that either the text color changed inside the widget or somehow the background color of the widget changed in hte update? Not sure – but now the white text is now gray (“FROM THE BRITISH INVASION + Paragraph and “TO THE ICONIC ABBEY ROAD & paragraph of text.

          – We are using the “BLACK” theme skin – however the back isn’t truly black as compared the the background of the widget – where can I change this please – (see the header with logo as compared to the background of the widgets

          – Cast logo is now completely missing from mobile version as seen on iPhone 4 & 5

          Thanks so much for you help in advance!


            The slider border is coming from the slider, you may have to change the skin or create custom css to override it.

            Look around line 2755 to change the background color to #000 –

            .epik-black .head-wrap,
            .epik-black .welcome,
            .epik-black .home-feature-bg-dark,
            .epik-black .author-box,
            .epik-black .footer-widgets {
            	background: #111;
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