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    Danna McCormick

      Hello Wes,
      Back in Nov 2013, I purchased the Legacy Theme, order #8742.
      When I tried to download the updated version of Legacy, the download contained version 1.4.

      I really want version 1.5 which is what the demo is displaying.

      So I thought, oh that was so long ago, maybe I need to purchase it again, so I did, order #21082, then used that download link, but the version is still 1.4.

      Is there much difference in these two versions? I hate to build out sites on an old version.


        It should be the latest version, I probably just forgot to update the version number in the CSS file. I’ll check it to make sure.


          The latest version should be Legacy 1.4.1

          Is that what shows up for you in your download?

          The older version was 1.3. So if you have 1.4.1, then you have the New version.

          I just double checked to make sure, and it looks like everything is showing up right. The CSS file in the demo is 1.4.1, and the download should be as well. I reuploaded again and downloaded it to make sure.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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