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    Deanne Holzman

      I just want to install Oasis and use this theme, and upload demo content as in this support article:


      But somehow the Oasis theme automatically installed the Colibri WP theme and is using the Colibri builder. Is there any way to just use Oasis with the Genesis parent theme?


        Hi Deanne,

        That’s weird, I’ve never seen anything like that happen before. I just tested on a local install and it seems to work fine.

        Is there a way to create a temporary login so I can take a look to see what could be going on?

        If possible you can post it here privately or send us an email – https://appfinite.com/contact-us

        Deanne Holzman

          Thanks for your reply! When I purchased the theme, there were two downloads available to me for Oasis:
          1. Oasis 1.0.2 – NEW
          2. Oasis 1.0.1 – OLD

          I installed the ‘Oasis 1.0.2 – NEW’ theme, and the Calibri builder was automatically installed.

          So I completely deleted that theme and installed the ‘Oasis 1.0.1 – OLD’, and everything installed as expected without Calibri and is fine.

          I’m not sure what the difference is between the two themes, but the 1.0.1 seems to work for me. Do you know what the differences are between these two versions?


            The “New” version just has a little bit more features added in and the code is cleaned up in certain areas on the backend. It’s designed for the latest version of Genesis/WordPress.

            The old version will still work fine, but I would much rather you use the newer version if you can.

            There isn’t anything inside the theme files that have anything related to “Colibri” so that’s why I’m wondering what else could be going on. Not sure if it’s a WP issue or what, but I can definitely find out.

            If you want, I can log in for you to investigate what’s going on if you like. Just let me know!


            I have just run into this problem. It appears that because wordpress theme updater is very simplistic that if another theme has the same name and/or folder and a more up to date version it will try to update.

            Steps to replicate issue:
            1. Download purchased theme
            2. Install Genesis theme
            3. Install Oasis
            4. Turn on Oasis theme
            5. Refresh backend Apearance
            6. An update to Oasis appears

            To stop this happening I just updated the theme’s folder with a different name which fixed the issue however if there is ever an update to this child theme it wont show up.

            See this stack exchange about theme update simplistic. https://wordpress.stackexchange.com/questions/344504/if-i-build-a-custom-theme-will-it-update

            Other issue is that the onboarding for this theme no longer works like it used to


              I just had the same issue. Installed Genesis as parent theme, then installed Oasis. When I tried to activate Oasis theme it said theme is broken and needs to install Colibri parent theme (I did not sign up for Colibri theme, I just want Genesis/Oasis).

              I’m not even sure if a child theme can have 2 parent themes (Genesis and Colibri). I’ve installed Genesis themes dozens of time and never encountered this issue.

            Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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