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      Hey there Wes – I’m just checking before I use the theme on a large client’s site that the Layer Slider plugin upgrades won’t be a drama? And if I do run into problems with the plugin specifically I can refer back to your help forum?. Will you be advising of required upgrades? If it’s a pain I’d prefer just to use the genesis responsive slider if possible. Layer Slider does have cool features but the ‘pretty’ bits aren’t worth it if it means headaches down the track. I just noticed in the documentation that because the plugin isn’t in the WP repository auto updates aren’t possible.

      I look forward to your advice.



        I can assist with the basics of the plugin, but anything beyond that and you would have to use the plugin authors support forum for issues with the plugin itself.

        If you don’t need the layer slider’s features, then I would just use the Genesis Slider since the other slider would be unnecessary if all you’re doing is showing basic slides. Plus, the Genesis slider updates automatically… I would go with that in your case.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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