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      Again Wes,

      I am (and my client is) SO happy with your themes. We’re close to launching our site: but the client would like a CLIENT AREA (Membership), no cost to them. Basically it would for people who’ve already purchased their software. So that people can create username/passwords and then have access to download software and get updates. They would have special privileges that non-members would not. Who, What do you recommend for something like this for people who want to create memberships?



        To be honest I haven’t had much experience with Membership plugins. However, I have been using the WooCommerce plugin as my store to sell themes… when someone purchases a theme, they only have to purchase it once, and they can login and download the theme. In your case you could do the same thing with software, depending on what all it is. There are also some paid extensions that you could add that will enhance the features as well. You can check it all out at –

        I just did a quick Google search and came across this – ….you could search for more if you need to, but the WooCommerce plugin is the only thing I’ve had experience with.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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