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      Need a small amount of css help to increase the vertical spacing on the Optimal Theme in Widget area
      “Home Featured Posts” which is using the Genesis Featured Posts widget.
      The site located at krisannehall.com.
      You can see by scrolling down to the “Home Featured Posts’ area on the home page that we’re displaying 9 posts. The problem is that the customer has a habit of using post titles that are longer than what it seems the widget area can accommodate and still maintain proper alignment.
      The desired effect is to have 3 rows of three. Rather we have 1 row of three, 1 row of 1, 1 row of 3 and 1 row of 1 followed by another row of 1. Just want to have 3 rows of three even if the customer chooses to use longer titles.
      Thanks in advance,


        Sorry forgot to include the url


          You could add a min-height to the .home-featured-posts .featured-content .entry in your css.

          .home-featured-posts .featured-content .entry {
              min-height: 390px;

          That would look like this as the result – https://i.imgur.com/67bZeMU.jpg

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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