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      I am an intermediate, non-technical user of WordPress and have significantly changed the .css on my version of the Optimal Theme. I understand I can update to Genesis 2.0 and leave Optimal where it is but I prefer to be on the latest version of everything. In your post, you said:
      “HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you manually make the updates instead of replacing your theme files with the new version. For example – If you replace a highly customized version of your style.css file, your previous changes will be overridden! You have been warned!”

      But what do you mean, manually make the update? I read the links you provided but I still am unclear about what I need to do to “manually” update Optimal specifically.

      Can you clarify? Maybe a step-by-step?


        Manually means, replacing the old markup with the new markup. Brian has info on this already –

        And also replacing the old hooks with the new hooks. Info on that can be found here –

        There’s not really a step by step needed if you follow those 2 links plus the links from the other page listing all of the resources.

        Basically just go through your css and replace the old code with the new by doing a “Find/Replace” function. This can be done with any css editor. Same thing for your other theme files. If you don’t see the code from the links above in your files, then don’t worry about it. You only need to replace what you see. Depending on which OS you have, you can do a search for a free html/css/php editor and it will make it much faster to do. Just make sure and save a copy of your current theme in case you make a mistake.


          OK – see – its the buzzwords that are second nature to you but are “greek” to me. For example, “replacing the old markup with the new markup” – Does this “markup” exist anywhere other than style.css?

          I had already looked at the first link above but it doesn’t tell the novice what exactly I am supposed to DO with that information. Thank you for covering that in your last paragraph. I am comfortable enough with .css to do that.

          But what do you mean by: ” Same thing for your other theme files” – what do you mean by “other theme files” – the ONLY thing I have ever “played” with is style.css. And although I have a vague notion of what a “hook” is, do I need to do anything if I am not a developer and haven’t used “hooks” or do I need to be concerned about my plugins?

          And how do I “save a copy of my current theme?” Copy the folder?

          Do you think you could tell me the high level” steps?
          For example, I HAVE successfully updated to Genesis 2.0 but have not enabled HTML5.
          What do I do now? Download the new Optimal theme?
          What do I do 3rd? Enable HTML5 in Genesis or does that come later?
          What do I do 4th?

          I can find the how-to for each step – I just need someone to be a little clearer about what the steps are?
          I apologize for being such a simpleton. I am learning but still have a ways to go. Any help is appreciated.

          If the only thing I am concerned with is my .css staying intact, can I do this? 1) Copy my current .css to a separate location. 2)Upgrade Optimal like a new install. 3)Manually make the changes to my old .css per Brian’s chart and then copy that into the new style.css?

          Again – thank for any help.


            I’ll add to this if you don’t mind –

            The other files he’s referring to is most likely your functions.php file. If you see any of the function names on the comparison list, then you’ll need to replace it with the new function/hook names……For some reason those links aren’t working, so we’ll have to find out where they went or add them to the new documentation section (coming soon).

            If what you’re asking is can you keep the same css file and simply replace the old ID’s and Classes with the new ID’s and Classes presented in Genesis 2.0, then the answer is yes, thats what @kronos was referring to.

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