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      Have there been any updates to the Optimal theme since it was released? If so, where do I find and download the latest version of the theme. I initially purchased it through Studiopress.

      It seems the Oswald(?) font is not displaying on one of my client’s machines running IE10. This, of course, makes the theme look a little funny. Still, that wouldn’t be that bad, however the menu we have displaying in the footer2 position seems to be pressed into a long thin column.

      As you might suspect, the site looks fine to everyone else. http://www.dreamscapemultimedia.com
      Has anyone ran into this?

      Thanks in advance.


        I haven’t seen any issues myself. First we need to see if theres an error with Optimal itself or if your client added custom code which caused the error. Can you ask them to see if the Optimal demo shows up in IE10? (I’m actually using a mac so I don’t have an immediate way to check on a PC)

        As far as updates go, Wes is re-developing all of his themes to work with Genesis 2.0 and HTML5 (which should be released as soon as WP 3.6 and Genesis 2.0 is out). So that means major updates to enhance the entire theme.

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      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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