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      Hey Wes,

      Is there an easy way to turn the homepage gallery style posts into a custom post type? I’m finding that it’s more user friendly to have a custom post type for the portfolio section and if that could feed into the homepage like the blog posts do right now that would be great.

      What I’m trying to do now is use the following homepage structure:

      Recent Projects (3 portfolio items)
      Recent Post (3 posts from the blog)

      I’m trying to make all the portfolio items show up with just the image and without the title/copy BUT want to keep the posts the way they are. Any thoughts on this? I also realize solving this for me is out of support scope so if it’s going to cost something please just let me know.



        Unfortunately I don’t know the answer to this yet…..But this is something I’ve been meaning to figure out for a while now, and hopefully I will figure it out sometime in the future. I believe another user by the name Seth Spears did something similar with his portfolio (turning it into a Custom Post Type). Maybe you could reach out to him and see if he was able to figure it out – https://twitter.com/SpearsMarketing

        To remove the title and content on your homepage posts you can try adding the below code to your home.php file –

        // Removes Title and Content
        remove_action('genesis_post_title', 'genesis_do_post_title');
        remove_action('genesis_post_content', 'genesis_do_post_content');

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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