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      I’m setting up my new site using the Epik theme and my portfolio page looks nothing like the demo site’s portfolio page at this link: http://my.studiopress.com/themes/epik/#demo-full

      The CSS is definitely not the same… the page is really plain and the featured image is not lined up with the title or content below it etc. none of the CSS shadow styling is there and so on.

      The site is offline being developed so I can’t show everyone but if it is something you’d like to check yourself please feel free to let me know I can provide login info privately.

      I’ve recently removed the blog content from under the title by commenting out the appropriate code in the page_portfolio.php page but even before that my page does not have any of the styling the demo site has. Should this not be an “out of the box” ready to go kind of situation?

      Thanks very much.


        Hi Pixels,
        I had the same issue last week – easily solvable. To handle the top nav proportions, you’ll want to drag/use the “custom header” widget in the “header right” area.

        Search on this site with “Epik header height” and you’ll see some previous threads covering minor tweaks to the CSS and functions.php file that will help you fine tune.



          Also, confirm that you first installed the Genesis framework, then Epik as a child theme. Many of the “look and feel” elements are handled by the appearance>widget menu in the WP dashboard.

          The more I play with this theme, the more I love it for its versatility. You’ll get it.


            Hello Rob,

            Thanks for the replies I appreciate it. Yes, I installed the Genesis framework and then Epik as a child theme. Thanks for double checking on that.

            I opened a fresh copy of the style.css file and removed any of the portfolio styles in the “live” .css file and applied the fresh lines of code and it seems to have done the trick. Very strange really but I won’t complain as it seems to have worked fine.

            Thank you.


              There must be something else going on because I’ve never had to do any of that to get a genesis theme installed. I’m not sure what you’re referring to by “live.css” since there is only a style.css file included in the child theme……unless you’re using something else to handle all of this. Whatever it is it’s definitely not normal from what it sounds like. You shouldn’t have to remove any files or code to install any themes.

              Are you sure everything is working properly? Let me know if you want me to take a quick look.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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