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      Okay this one had me going for a couple of days. When you use a Genesis – Featured Page widget (or Featured Post widget) for the Footer widget area the .entry-content code (css) kick in. However, when you go the portfolio page the .portfolio .more-link code kicks in.

      When viewing the home pages and such the “read more” link is just a link and does the job just fine however when you visit the portfolio page the “read more” link turns into a fancy rectangle button! (It uses the same code as the “read more” in the portfolio post).

      I separated the two so that the .more-link is in its own tag and it appears to be working but it doesn’t give me the hover effect either, which I fine that a bit odd. Obviously, I’m over looking something within the code.

      In theory, shouldn’t the .more-link tag be site wide? Let me know how to fix this, please.



        Okay. I think I fixed this. And on top of all that, I think I was looking at the wrong code tag. I ‘think’ I needed to be looking at the .footer-widgets instead because the .footer-widgets and the .more-link have the same code.

        To make it hover though, add this to your css just below the .footer-widgets a code:

        .footer-widgets a:hover {
        background: #fdba07;
        color: #fff;

        Hope this is all clear as mud and hopes it helps.


          Yeah the .portfolio .more-link was added in the css to target the Portfolio Posts….it should only show up as a button if viewed from inside the portfolio page. It’s supposed to be a regular link if used anywhere else on the site…but of course you could easily change this if you wanted to.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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