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    Seems the last thread I opened on this topic is closed, so I have to open another one.

    Still having the same problem. Whenever the primary nav bar hits a certain limit it bumps everything off the end.

    It also won’t save as the primary nav bar. When I add a new link to the nav bar in menu mode, the checkbox for primary nav bar won’t stay checked and saves with no nav bar. When I go back into menu mode and save it as the primary nav bar it will save then but limits the number of links I can show.

    I’ve been having this issue since I upgraded. Frustrating!


      I’m not sure what’s going on, I’ve never had this issue myself. Are you sure you’re running the latest version of WordPress, Genesis, and Adapt?

      For the nav menu, if you add too many links then eventually it will run out of space and go off to the side. This isn’t an error, that’s just the way HTML/CSS works. Can you show me an example of where this is happening? I went to the link from your last thread but I don’t see a menu anywhere.

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      Sorry – forgot to put the link!

      The links were in the nav bar before the update. Unfortunately I can’t show you what that looked like now.

      What it seems to be doing is only permitting a certain number of links – whether it be top level, secondary sub-level or third sub-level – once it hits that number it will add a link anywhere on the nav bar (top, 2nd, 3rd) but bounce the last one off the nav bar to make room. Does this make sense?

      As an example: I just added a Halloween link in the Holiday section. It bounced the last link off the nav bar to accomodate it which was a sandwich in the Party Food section of the nav bar.

      Thanks for your assistance. I have absolutely no idea how to fix this, apart from using a different theme altogether.


        I must be missing something, because I don’t really see where the issue is. It looks like everything is working as it should. You added a Halloween link, and it looks like you’ve added a submenu under it, which is the reason why it opens on the side. That’s correct right? Or where you trying to do something else?

        I hope I’m not adding to your frustration for not understanding, but I do want to help you get this working 🙂

        I create awesome sites for awesome people! Contact me if interested –


        My problem in explaining is probably that I don’t know all the correct lingo – LOL.

        When I add a link – whether it shows up in the nav bar at the top of the page or as a submenu item – the last link on the edit menu page will disappear. So if I added another link at the top level or sublevel of the nav bar you see now, the bottom link – which is Sandwiches in the Party Food section – will drop off and the new link will remain.

        When I save the menu the checkbox at the bottom for Primary Nav Bar will save as unticked and no nav bar will show up on the website. I have to go back into the menu, tick the box and save again to have it appear on the site.

        I suppose to be clear: its not where the link shows up that is the problem. It’s that it’s limiting how many links I can display – a total of all links in the top level or sublevel. At a certain point one disappears when another is added.


        Thanks for all your help. I sincerely appreciate it.

        But. . . I can’t go without a working website. No sales in the past few days, only 130 visits per day, everyone only looking at the page they landed on. Need to get all my pages linked to the nav bar.

        I know a little about coding, but not enough to give me a clue to know how to fix this. So I’ve decided to switch to a different theme that will work.

        Very disappointed because all 4 of my websites use some version of Adapt.


          Hello Teresa,

          I was directed here to this thread because it sounds like there’s something going on. If you can create a temporary user/password I can login and see if I can find the issue. If you’re ok with that, just let me know through the contact form and we can set something up.


          Hi Wes!

          I found the answer to the custom menu items limit, and I thought I would show you the answer just in case someone else had the same problem. Here’s the articles that helped me.

          Both say the issue is with the php.ini file limit, not wordpress or your wonderful theme.

          Thanks for all your help.


            Great, thanks for letting us know! I’ll keep this in mind if I come across something like this in the future.

            Thanks again!

          Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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