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      Hey Wes,

      Awesome theme man.

      For some odd reason, the Primary Sidebar is displaying on the homepage before the footer widgets.

      – We added some lines to the functions.php file. I since removed the added lines to no avail
      – We imported our blog posts and media from the old site. Not sure if this effects anything
      – Other than that we are just making changes to the css file as we always do
      – Reading settings are set to “Show Latest Posts”

      I can get it to go away by setting the default theme template to one column, but I do not want to do this, as i would have to manually switch column layout for almost 300 blog posts to 2 columns.

      Here’s a link to the development site

      Any ideas are greatly appreciated, Thank You!!



        Have you seen this already? – It’s a basic tutorial on how to setup the homepage. In order for the Homepage widgets to show up like the demo, you have to add a widget inside any of the Home widget areas and it will automatically activate (the sidebar won’t show up once it’s activated).

        If you’ve done that and the sidebar is still showing up, then it’s possible it could be a plugin you have installed that could be adding the sidebar on every page….It could also be custom code that you’ve added somewhere that is adding the sidebar on every page. I’ve seen this happen before with other users, and it is usually either an external plugin or custom code.

        So double check for those and let me know if that fixes it, if not I can login for you and do a quick check to see what it could be.

        Edit: I just checked your site and saw that you already have your homepage setup, so disregard that link. I think it may be an active plugin or custom code.


          Thank you Wes!

          Yes, I have done the 1st item you instruct about activating home widgets.

          I have deactivated all plug-ins.

          We did have some custom calls added to functions.php. We commented those out and tested.

          The issue lines up with an XML import of our posts and media library from the old site. It was a large file, that I had to split into 14 parts, following instructions of a person who had done it for a WP site. I noticed odd characters that popped up in posts after the import. Also, there was duplication of image paths in the media library (ive experienced this before).

          Do you think the import could be responsible for this?

          Upon looking at the source code of the homepage It looks like the typical post/page content-sidebar-wrap section is called which includes an empty “content” div area and then calls for the sidebar section…

          <div class=”site-inner”><div class=”wrap”><div class=”content-sidebar-wrap”><main class=”content” role=”main” itemprop=”mainContentOfPage” itemscope=”itemscope” itemtype=””></main><aside class=”sidebar sidebar-primary widget-area” role=”complementary” itemscope=”itemscope” itemtype=””&gt;

          Thanks Wes!


            For now I am removing the sidebar from the homepage using this css style:

            .home .site-inner {
            display: none;


            Not the best fix, but it works. I don’t think this will effect site performance, do you Wes?


              I’m not sure if it’s the XML or not, never seen it affect something like that before.

              Until you find out what it is, the css you added above should be fine. I don’t think it will make a big difference in performance.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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