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      I am running Vintage on, and after updating Genesis (to both 2.5.0 and 2.5.2), the sidebar does not display the sidebar properly.

      The widgets I have configured for the Primary Sidebar don’t display, but what does display are the default Search, Archives, etc. Problem is, those widgets aren’t in use anywhere, not even in Inactive Widgets.

      When I downgrade back to Genesis 2.4.2, the normal widgets I have in the Primary Sidebar display properly. This hasn’t happened with any other Genesis themes I’ve (so far) updated to 2.5.x, so this seems to be something unique to Vintage.


        I don’t think it’s a Vintage Theme issue since the Demo and the other sites I have it running on seems to be working fine. Here is an example of Vintage running on the latest version of WordPress and Genesis –

        I would check to see if you have any outdated Plugins, or Custom code that was added that may be causing the conflict.

        Also check to make sure the Genesis and WordPress updates are installed properly. Try and let them both reinstall if possible.


          I’ve gone through everything. I even reinstalled a fresh uncustomized version of Vintage, deactivated over half the plugins, and I’m still getting that behavior.

          Right now, the front page is one slider frame, and that funky set of sidebar widgets, only they aren’t attached to a sidebar.

          There are no Inactive Widgets, and the widgets that are in the Primary Sidebar are not displaying.

          Site running WP 4.8, Genesis 2.5.2

          When I switch back to Genesis 2.4.2, both the fresh version & the custom version display the regular sidebar as expected.


            I just did another test on a few different sites with Vintage and it’s still working normally for me.

            You mentioned you disabled over half of your plugins, can you try disabling them all to make sure? In this situation it would be best to make sure that all 100% of the plugins have been disabled in order to rule out a plugin issue.

            All it takes is 1 bad plugin to cause a big issue/conflict within WordPress, even if the rest of them work fine. This why I always recommend going through each and every one to make sure. You won’t need to disable them all at the same time if you don’t want to. You can disable them one or a few at a time, or you can disable them all at the same time. Whichever works best.

            Is it possible to create a separate install on a Local or Sub Domain? If so, I would recommend installing just WordPress, Genesis, and the Default Vintage theme without any theme customizations or plugins. I did this just now and everything works. If you’re able to do that let me know what the result is.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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