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      So I am doing a site for a client and I can’t get the slider to work… the site seems to be cropping my slides down to a width of 920px??? (why???) and they are not centered which I know is already a known pain with genesis responsive slider plugin…

      I have:

      1) Set the slider itself is set to 1140px x 400px
      2) Set the images in the pages I am using to 1140px x 400px
      3) Tried both “Slider-Wide” and “Slider” widget sections with no luck.
      3) Did absolutely everything described here:

      What am I doing wrong here???


        Resolved it myself… I had to make my images 1138px x 399px and this seemed to make it work on the “Slider” widget. Having an image the exact size for maximums must have made the plugin crop the images down for some reason…


          You can actually leave the size at 1140px by 400px instead of 1138px if you want (it will be perfectly centered if you do 1140px). Once you add an image, and change the size in your settings, you need to use a plugin called Regenerate Thumbnails – and it will automatically resize all of your images to match the sizes you have in your settings. You only need to run this plugin if you change a size somewhere, but you wont need to do this everytime you add an image. So try and change it to 1140px and 400px if thats what you want, and then Run the plugin and it should fix your issue.

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        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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