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      I am using Wes’ homepage pricing plan code to create my own pricing plan…`


      • 100 Themes
      • Unlimited Bandwidth
      • 300 E-mail Accounts
      • Free 1-800 Number
      • 5 FreeDomains
      • Unlimited Downloads


      and I discovered the following.

      If I put the code in a widget, I get this…

      Without spots

      But if I put the code directly into a page, I get this… (not good)

      With spots

      How do I get rid of the spots when I use the code in a page?

      I had a similar problem before when trying to use icons in an unordered list, and it never did get resolved.


        If that happens you could add something like list-style: none; to your code….but I wouldn’t know where exactly to put it since I can’t see your site. Try that out and see if it works, if you can’t find exactly where to add it, then send me a link if you can and I’ll take a look.


          This was already in the css for my Epik theme. I just added !important like this:

          .plan-list li {
          list-style: none !important;
          margin: 0 0 20px;

          That removed the bullets for me. Hope that helps.



            @scooby @onlinesimple ~ thanks for coming back to me.

            I published the test page I was working on at so you can see what’s happening.

            I’ve added !important as you suggested Allegra, but its not working.



              I don’t see bullets when I visit that link. Perhaps your browswer cache needs clearing?
              I don’t know how to attach a screenshot here to show you how it appears, but there are no bullets in any of the four columns.
              There is a ~ in the first column, is that the issue?


                @onlinesimple ~ hi, you’re right, now I come to check it on that link it doesn’t have the spots, but when I look at it in page preview it does.

                Don’t know whether that’s a an Epik, a Genesis 2.01 or WP 3.6 issue, but the’re not the same.

                OK, thanks, that’s problem solved for me. Somebody else’s problem now.

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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