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      So, the home page is set up the way it is and its great. However, I would like further customization over both it and the blog page. but right now I cant edit the blog template because its a genesis core file…? How do you suggest going about separating the two so I still have the great widget based home page and the blog styling stays the same but allows me to add a few things?

      If I change settings > reading > static – home is home blog is blog (my own page with the blog template selected) the blog looks the same as the home page… aren’t these supposed to be separate?


        Unfortunately the way the Genesis Framework (not the Child theme you’re using) is setup, you would have to create and customize a template to show what you need since Genesis doesn’t offer that option by default. It’s definitely possible, but it would take some custom work to get going.

        I’d recommend using the default homepage being used in this way- and then add what you need on top of that. You can add the Blog Posts to your Custom Homepage by using the Genesis Featured Posts from your widget page.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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