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      Hi folks!

      I’m trying to customize the entry_header info in Epik 2.0, but I’m running into some interesting results.

      I want to change the category archives for two categories to not include the author info, but still contain the date and comments info, and I want to change the single post info in a particular category to do the same.

      Silly me thought I could get this result by creating a category.php and a single.php containing these mods depending on which category needs these changes, but I’m not quite getting those results.

      For the category customization, I have this:

      I had to not include the code in order to get this to post… let me know how, and I will add it

      but the result is either just the date, or just the date and author. Which makes no sense. It’s like the comments are disappeared entirely. Same thing if I include the same code in single.php selecting by cateogry.

      The only way to fix it is to not do it at all.

      Am I missing something really simple and obvious, either in the code or in the customizer? If I could choose what to include based on category in the customizer, I would.


    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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