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    I think the problem lies with my hosting but already contacted them and they said my website wasn’t loading slow.

    Tonight’s test took 13.11 seconds to load per this site!/JNS0F4WTR/

    My website is

    Any advice or insights?


      It could be anything really.  It may be the hosting (most likely) or it could be a plugin.  Its definitely not the Child theme as there isn’t anything within the theme that would cause it to be that slow.

      Unfortunately there isn’t much we can do.  I would recommend deactivating your plugins if you’re using any, or try a different host.

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      So I’m bugging them again and he said ”
      I just did a Pingdom test of that domain from New York, New York (yours was from Amsterdam) and it loaded in 7 seconds, which is not bad for such a large page size (1.2mb)
      You can see that test here:!/z5FXkAV7l/″

      Does that seem like a long load time? Does it seem like a large page size (1.2mb)

      I tried removing some of the plugins and it doesn’t seem to make a difference, but didn’t actually deactivate.

      The hosting company is also indicating the javascript running as an issue. Is that the theme or genesis stuff?



        I’m not sure if Genesis loads javascript or not.  If it is, I don’t think that would be the issue or I would have ran into that issue as well.

        The only thing I can recommend is to try creating a separate subdomain and see if the problem persists…..or maybe add the same setup on a local install like mampp or xampp (if you know how to do that) and then see if it still happens.  If it doesn’t and you think its your host, then I would move to a different host, especially the hosting companies that advertise speed and good performance as one of their features.

        You can also try the “Yslow” plugin, if it works you may be able to see which files are causing your site to load slowly.

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          Try this plugin that determines which of your plugins are loading slow. Great tool

        Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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