How to Setup the Home and Blog Page

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Home Page

Most of our themes include a home.php file. WordPress uses this file automatically as the “Home Page” by default. This means you won’t need to create a “Page” called “Home” and you won’t need to specify a page to show up as the front page in your “Reading > Settings” like other WordPress themes.

To use the home.php file as the home page (like our demos), go into your WordPress admin/backend and look for the “Settings” tab then go to the “Reading” page. Once you’re there, make sure the “Front page displays” is set to “Your latest posts“.

Home Widgets

If you are using a theme that has widgets on the homepage demo, these will show up on your homepage as soon as you add content inside of them. If you don’t add any content inside of the widgets then the home.php file will display your blog posts by default.

Blog Page

To create a blog page, simply go to your “Pages” tab in your admin/backend section and click “Add New”. Give your blog page a title (example: “Blog”, “News”, “Latest” etc) then select the “Blog” template. This is located on the right side of the Page editor under “Page Attributes” > “Template” > “Blog”. Then click “Publish” or “Update”. This page will show all of your blog posts since it is using the blog template found inside the Genesis Framework.