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By 路

We are very VERY excited to release our newest Genesis Child Theme – Aspire. Aspire was designed for those who want to convert Visitors into Customers. Research shows the average person spends only a couple seconds before deciding whether they’ll stay or “bounce” from your site. This Theme will help change your bounce rate based on the design alone.

In addition to quality Content, the Design of your site is very important in the decision process of whether a visitor will stay or not. We made sure to do our half, by giving you a design that will impress your visitors and keep them intrigued. All YOU have to do is provide the Content they’re looking for. With a quality Design, and Quality Content, you can’t help but win.

Theme Features

Aspire includes the following features:

  • 5 Custom Homepage Widget Locations
  • Custom Background
  • Custom Header
  • Featured Images
  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • Theme Options
  • Threaded Comments
  • Slider Options
  • Slider Options

Note: The Genesis Framework is required in order to use any of our themes.

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32 responses to “Aspire Theme”

  1. Dave S. Avatar
    Dave S.

    Ok, this is hands down your best Theme ever.

    Gonna be hard to beat this one Wes! …..Then again, I say that every time, and you always do 馃槈

    1. Wes Avatar

      Haha Thanks!

      That’s exactly what I was thinking when I released this one.

      Gotta keep pushin’

  2. Tai Kahila Avatar
    Tai Kahila

    Nice! Please let us know the stats on this compared to the others. If this becomes your top seller, then I will suggest this for my clients.

    1. Wes Avatar

      It’s still early, but from the looks of things, I believe this will definitely take the crown.

      Hit me up in the contact form if you’re interested in the end of the month results.

  3. Matt Briggs Avatar
    Matt Briggs

    Another ball knocked right out of the park 馃檪 This is definitely a home run!

    Keep this going please

    1. Wes Avatar

      Thanks! Will do.

  4. Jessica Byrne Avatar
    Jessica Byrne

    OMG I love this!

  5. Jeff Avatar

    How easy would it be to change the color orange? Is this done through css or do you have a theme color switcher of some sort?

    1. Wes Avatar

      Yes, this can all be changed from the WordPress Customizer that we’ve added into the theme. You can change all of the links, background images, etc with the Customizer.

  6. Chris Hampton Avatar
    Chris Hampton

    This is a must have for people like me. I’m ditching the theme I was using before, and redeveloping my entire site with this. My weekend is going to be fun 馃槈

    1. Wes Avatar

      Nice! Have fun!

  7. Brendan Avatar

    What? I thought you were releasing this next week!? I’m thrilled now. I was thinking I’d have to wait all week for it to be available lol.

    1. Aston J. Avatar
      Aston J.

      Developers are always planning release dates that they hope to get products done on…..and then after all the updates and tweaks they do to the product, they constantly have to push the date back further and further until they are sure they have it perfect.

      I’ve done this myself plenty of times. I was expecting this to come out next week just like you, so I was a little surprised at the early release. That just means they’ve been working hard!

      1. Zoe R. Avatar
        Zoe R.

        Yea, I feel ya. I lost count of how many times I’ve told a client we’ll have their site ready “soon”. Soon turns into, a couple days. A couple days turns into next week. Rinse and Repeat.

        1. Aston J. Avatar
          Aston J.

          David Heinemeier Hansen wrote a book about dev’s creating release dates only to not meet the deadline in time. That’s because coding products or websites are not the same as other products. Things are constantly changing and adjusting and have different effects across multiple operating systems. Anyways, thats a convo for another day. I don’t want to get too far into it.

  8. Nancy Avatar

    Wes, you are the most consistent person in this community! I just love all of your themes! I’m using your Vintage theme at the moment, but it looks like I’ll be purchasing Aspire for an interested Client. Fingers Crossed!

    1. Wes Avatar

      Thanks Nancy!

      Which site are you using the Vintage theme at? Gotta link?

      I’d love to check it out.

  9. Vince Long Avatar
    Vince Long

    Amazing work!

  10. Ron Mcallister Avatar
    Ron Mcallister

    You are killing it! This is what we like to see.

    1. Keith Richards Avatar
      Keith Richards

      I know right! Finally someone understands what we want.

    2. Wes Avatar

      Awesome! You ALL are the reason I continue to do this! The more people ask me for new themes, the more I will create them.

  11. Gordon Lee Avatar
    Gordon Lee

    So the BOGO coupon deal is STILL going, and now you release this incredible design? You really do love us don’t you?

    Thank you!!!!!

    1. Wes Avatar

      Yes, it’s still active at the moment. But we’ll be ending it soon though 馃檪

  12. Rowan Shead Avatar

    How do I update to the latest version of your theme

  13. Janine Elias Avatar

    Wes how do I turn the main image on the home page into a slider?

  14. Adam Avatar

    Hi Wes – great theme. What’s the best way to change the feature image size on the portfolio page?

  15. Yong Avatar

    Hi Wes, great theme! I’m wondering if the page transition (fade in/out) effect is built in to the theme? Do we have the option to customize the effect?

  16. Pamela Rebelo Avatar

    Hey guys, could somebody help me please? I’m trying to set up the Static Front Page using Aspire Pro, but the page never gets the Front Page template, it gets the page.php template. I tried a lot of solutions, without success. I also tried to loggin in the forum, but the login I have (from my client) doesn’t work 馃檨
    I saw all the tutorials in here, please help me.

  17. Stik Pes Avatar
    Stik Pes

    Hi Wes, I have planning to buy Aspire Theme. But I have worried about something.

    I want to get same theme likes 10beasts dot com from width, text size, url color, margin between post and sidebar. Maybe I want to customize a little thing more.

    Can you help me to do that?

    PS. Sorry for my bad English.

  18. Christopher Avatar

    I’ve bought this theme off of Studio Press. Amazing theme. I have some questions that need answering in the forum but can not find a place to sign up and register. Tried my Genesis logins thinking maybe that would work. Didn’t Can you point me in the right direction?

  19. Mike Z Avatar

    I love this theme! I’ve purchased it, and it’s going to be the “umbrella” site for my other projects/services. The only problem is that when installing it (have tried a couple of times and have read the documentation), the bottom of the site doesn’t just have the blog post previews…it has all the other Genesis blog garbage which completely takes away the clean aesthetics of the site. Any ideas on how to remove this?

  20. karan zale Avatar

    hey i have just installed Aspire on my blog but when i am using jump to topic page its not can have look at here.

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