Buy One Theme, Get Another One FREE! (Limited Offer)

By 路

If you’re looking for a Modern WordPress Theme for the Genesis Framework, look no further!  For a limited time, you can Buy One Theme, and get another Theme Free by using the coupon code – BOGO in the Shopping Cart

Obviously this won’t last long, so if you were planning on purchasing a theme, NOW would be the time to buy.

If you like this deal and would like to see more of them in the future, let us know in the comments.  We’d love to hear your suggestions.

Head over to the Theme Shop聽to get started.

28 responses to “Buy One Theme, Get Another One FREE! (Limited Offer)”

  1. Justin Mclaine Avatar
    Justin Mclaine

    This is amazing!!!!! I was just about to buy the Guru theme, and something told me to check the blog. Now I just need to figure out which 2nd theme to add.

  2. Christine Avatar

    Yes, please continue doing these type of deals. You’re already giving us a lot with your designs, and this is what makes everything even better. I’m purchasing the Vintage and Imagery themes.

    1. Wes Avatar

      Thanks Christine, will do. I appreciate the support.

  3. Troy Newman Avatar
    Troy Newman

    Couldn’t have came at a better time! Love your themes.

    1. Wes Avatar

      Thanks Troy!

  4. Janet W Avatar
    Janet W

    Is there a limit to how many times we can use this code? Or a limit to how many we themes we can purchase with? I only need 1 theme, but curious as to how many times this can be used.


    1. Wes Avatar

      Nope there’s no limit. I originally had it limited to 2 themes, but I just changed it to unlimited since people were wanting to purchase more.

  5. Greg Ortiz Avatar
    Greg Ortiz

    Ah!! I already have the majority of your themes already, I guess I can add a couple more.

    1. Wes Avatar

      I appreciate the support Greg!

  6. Erica Lambert Avatar
    Erica Lambert

    Wow, awesome deal Wes!

  7. Matt Briggs Avatar
    Matt Briggs

    Hi, how can we get notified of your new Theme Releases….and Blog Posts? I can’t find the Newsletter to sign up.

    1. Wes Avatar

      I was using Google Feedburner but it started having issues and was sending too many emails. That program doesn’t seem to be supported anymore, so I’m going to be switching to something like Mail Chimp soon.

  8. Suzie Bennet Avatar
    Suzie Bennet

    Heck YES! Keep this going. It only makes us happy, which is a great for us both 馃檪

    1. Doug Adkins Avatar
      Doug Adkins

      That’s called a Win Win 馃槈

  9. David Avatar

    Great offer; always loved your designs and own five of them. Will be checking future projects to see if any fit in.

    Re-tweeted your Tweet for you.

    1. Wes Avatar

      Thanks David! I just saw your Re-Tweet. I really appreciate all of the Support you’ve given since the beginning!

  10. John Sullivan Avatar
    John Sullivan

    The coupon says it’s reached it’s limit? Am I too late? 馃檨

    1. Kathy Hummel Avatar
      Kathy Hummel

      I got the same message. Maybe it’s a bug?

      1. Vladimir Avatar

        It works fine for me… You can only buy 2 at a time since that’s what the deal is for. Check your cart to make sure there’s only 2 themes in there.

        1. Kathy Hummel Avatar
          Kathy Hummel

          Thank you! I just refreshed the page this morning and it’s working now. Woohoo!

        2. John Sullivan Avatar
          John Sullivan

          Ah! That’s what it was, I had 3 in the cart. I guess I’ll have to purchase the 3rd one by itself. Still an amazing deal.

          1. Wes Avatar

            I had the Coupon code set to a 2 Theme limit by mistake, but it should be fixed now. You can buy as many Themes as you want 馃檪

  11. Kathy Hummel Avatar
    Kathy Hummel

    It’s over already? I just got here!!!!!!

    1. Wes Avatar

      No it’s still going, I reset it since there was an error with the coupon for some users.

  12. Cassandra Avatar

    Hi, first time buyer here. Beautiful work that I’ve long admired! Thank you for the opportunity!

    1. Wes Avatar

      Thanks for the Support Cassandra! I hope you enjoy the new themes 馃檪

  13. Nguyen Avatar

    Woah @@ Bigggg offer from your 馃檪

  14. Ravi Sharma Avatar

    It’s Really Awesome Offer 馃檪
    I like it this Offer 馃檪
    Thanks For Giving Me A New Opportunities 馃檪

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